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Teresa's Success Story

While the world celebrated the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Teresa was living in a women’s shelter with her two young daughters just a short distance away from the Olympic venues. It was a rough period in her life, but with the tremendous support she received from her sisters, friends and the Salvation Army, Teresa made the decision that she would live her life with purpose.

Teresa knew that success was possible. When her parents first came to Canada from Hong Kong, her family lived in poverty. Her father worked long hard hours, often seven days a week, to build his business and support our family. His perseverance, dedication and hard work paid off, and today, he is a successful entrepreneur with multiple companies in China.

With two children to support on her own, Teresa knew she wanted to create a lifestyle that would allow her to make enough money without sacrificing time with the people she loves or her health. Through working with successful real estate mentors, she learned how investing in real estate can help supplement working income with passive income. With a desire to succeed, Teresa started saving to build her investment portfolio and she now owns a portfolio of rental properties in BC and Alberta.

As an Investment REALTOR®, it gives Teresa great joy in helping Canadians build wealth and freedom to spend more time with their loved ones, an opportunity that her father didn’t have.

Teresa frequently speaks at real estate investing education organizations such as Keyspire®, REIN (Real Estate Investment Network), Synergy REIN, WIRE (Women Investing in Real Estate), and has been featured in the REIN Report and various Chinese publications.

When not working, Teresa likes to write and is a contributing author of #1 Best-selling Amazon book with Colin Sprake called “Entrepreneur Success Stories”, and co-authored an upcoming book “the Tax Savings Bible”.  Currently, Teresa is writing “the Underdog’s Handbook to a Liberated Life,” which is about her own journey from being a shy teen and family black sheep to successful Speaker and Investor.

Teresa enjoys giving back because she knows how important it is for women to have a place to turn to when in need. She currently sit on the Community Counsel of Salvation Army’s Kate Booth House to help fundraise and create awareness on domestic violence and a portion of every sale from the Point B Investment Team makes is donated to the Salvation Army.

Teresa is also a Mentor with UBC’s Sauder School of Business and the Co-Founder of Synergy Real Estate Investment Network, a non-profit group that meets monthly in Surrey, Burnaby and Langley to educate people on creating the lifestyle of their dreams without sacrificing their time or health for money. For more information on these workshops, go to http://www.meetup.com/SynergyREN/.