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Investment Survey

In order to give you the full benefits of our services, we need you to do some work too. Our most successful clients work hard to meet our expectations and this enables us to give them the top quality service they deserve.

In order to best assist you we will need;

  • Full disclosure, honesty and transparency
  • Timeliness
  • Pre-approval or positioning in place BEFORE we start looking for your next investment property. We are more than happy to recommend mortgage associates who can assist you.
  • Commitment and loyalty
  • Readiness – all JV partners, family members etc must also be ready to go including all necessary documents signed before we start.

What you can in turn expect from us;

  • Full disclosure, honesty and transparency
  • Timeliness, commitment and loyalty
  • Investment knowledge, experience and know-how
  • Top quality service with a smooth transaction

Please fill out the following survey as best as you can.

What strategy would you consider to be your focus at this time for your investment portfolio? Rank in order of importance ( 1 = most important ; 5 = least important)