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With a new year comes an opportunity to reflect the past year’s successes and lessons learned, and set goals for the upcoming year.  As a Real Estate Investor, I reviewed my life priorities, added goals associated with each of them, and defined a plan of action to achieve what I want for 2016.

Here are the 7 life priorities that I have identified for myself for 2016:

  1. Finances
  2. Self-Development
  3. Relationships
  4. Health and Fitness
  5. Spirituality
  6. Real Estate Investing
  7. Hobbies & Recreation

What priorities have you set for your life? Perhaps you have identified some that are similar to my list?

Identifying your priorities is a great first step, because it gives you an overall picture of what’s important to you in your life right now. The next step is to be clear about the goals associated with each, because that’s what gives you a sense of direction.

  1. Real Estate Investing – increase # of doors to 18 by end of 2016
  2. Finances – maintain same level of income in 2016 as in 2015
  3. Self-Development – finish commercial real estate program and one public speaking course
  4. Relationships – have #1 relationship with my teenager
  5. Health and Fitness – go on low carb diet and remember to take my Usana vitamins daily
  6. Spirituality – continue to attend church on Sundays and donate monthly
  7. Hobbies & Recreation – learn how to use my Sony camera and make an album of my favorite photos for Christmas 2016

When creating my goals, I purposely set out to make sure they are realistic for me. I didn’t want to make them too aggressive because I don’t want to stress myself out when trying to achieve them.

Most people stop here.  But the key to achieving your goals is to have a plan of action.  Below are the actions steps I have taken, or will take, to achieve the first 2 goals just to give you an idea of how it’s done.

  1. Real Estate Investing – increase # of doors to 18 by end of 2016
  • Host Cashflow 101 evenings with fellow investors and network
  • Research JV-worthy projects to promote to other investors and clients
  1. Finances: Maintain same level of income in 2016 as in 2015
  • set lunch & dinner dates with all past & current clients
  • exhibit and speak at minimum 7 Keyspire events
  • contributing author in new book, “Tax Savings Bible” – done!
  • Become Finalist for Realtor of the Year 2016 with Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
  • Continue writing for Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
  • Continue blogging and updating business website

You’ll notice that some goals don’t need any additional action, because I’m just maintaining what I’m already doing.  For some of your goals, it’s ok to just maintain. For the  goals that make you stretch outside of your comfort zone, you will need to add many action items and review daily, weekly and monthly and adjust accordingly.

Also, it’s best to tell others about your goals to make yourself accountable. You said it, so you MUST do it.

More importantly, I’ve share my goals and the process I go through because I hope you find this helpful as you define your own life priorities, set your goals, and start making your 2016 dreams a reality!