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My first year as a Realtor was a huge success!

April 30th marked my one year anniversary as a licensed BC REALTOR, and it’s been a great year!
I became a Finalist for Realtor of the Year with Canadian Real Estate Magazine, I was featured in the REIN Real Estate Report’s December issue, I am co-author with Best-Selling Author and Business Mentor Colin Sprake for his new book “Entrepreneur Success Stories”, and I will be launching the Vancouver chapter of Synergy Real Estate Investment Network with Best-selling author and Commercial Mortgage Broker, Sua Truong in May.

But that didn’t happen without taking daily action.

When I became a licensed BC Realtor last April, I had a slow 6 weeks to start and didn’t make my first sale until June.  Then in September, I decided to really focus on my business and take massive action.  I communicated my sacrifice plan with my daughters and also put romantic relationships aside. That’s when I started to really see the results which led to a great year that I can feel proud of.

What was my success formula?

  1. I got myself some great mentors: one for my business, one for investing in Canada, and one for Investing in the US.
  2. I ensured a forward momentum in my life by taking daily action.

There’s nothing like learning from people who have already done what you want to accomplish, but it takes action on your part to make it happen.

What have you really desired in your life? If you really want it, and if you take action every single day,  that’s when magic happens…