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Did you know that the average family has over $16,000 in credit card debt, and that over 50% of families live paycheck to pay check?  And did you know that the average college graduate has over $23,000 in debt?

If you have a good grasp on your own finance and you can teach your kids the keys to successful money management, than pat yourself on the back!  But if you know that you need to brush up on solid money management, then consider the EnRICHed Academy!

EnRICHed Academy, an entertaining and informative DVD series created by Kevin Cochran and Jay Seabrook designed to teach youth and young adults about financial literacy, was featured on Season 7 of Dragon’s Den. The Dragons were impressed with the program and Cochran and Seabrook were able to get the support of Jim Treliving and (by the looks of their Facebook page) Bruce Croxon.

While the program was initially geared at youth and young adults, I also found this program eye opening in solidifying my own money management.   I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take real action towards establishing their basic financial well-being so that they can take the next step towards their dreams of financial freedom. I also recommend this to anyone who wants to ensure their own kids are on the right path towards personal financial responsibility.

Never too young to invest. Never too late to invest.

One of my youngest clients, Emily Ellison, says that she’s grateful to her parents for teaching her about financial literacy and real estate investing, and she was able to buy her first investment property at age 20. By starting at such a young age, she’s setting herself up for financial freedom for life!

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But if you didn’t have parents like Emily’s to help guide you towards real estate investments and setting up your dreams of financial freedom, it’s never too late to get started!

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