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Like many of you, I have been watching Oprah since I was a little girl.  Oprah has inspired us as we graduated from high school, went off to college, got married, sat and folded laundry in our living room, made dinner in our kitchen, and then had children of our own.  What an amazing 25 years we’ve had with this remarkable woman.

Seeing Oprah live is one of those things you must do in this lifetime.  If I had to describe what she has done for women and for society, I would need to write a very long book.  So to simplify; I will use a quote from Oprah herself.  She has accomplished the “maximum achievement of her calling.”

As Oprah stood on stage on January 2013, there was a magical connection between her and the 16,000 mostly female fans at Rogers Arena. Within the first 10 minutes, most of us were captivated, touched, and inspired to “achieve our maximum calling”.  Oprah grew up poor and disadvantaged.  Her life could have been very different if it wasn’t for the choices she made to service others.

Some of the highlights of the show for me are… well almost EVERYTHING.

  • Everyone wants validation.  The cause of every argument in your life is because one person does not feel they are seen, heard, and/or appreciated.
  • There is no such thing as failure….you’re just on a “climb” to take one step at a time.  What is the next right step?  Then the next right step after that?
  • There is no such thing as luck.  Choice, not chance determines your destiny.
  • When you honor your power, nobody can touch you or stop you.
  • Your life is validated only through the service of others.  (helping, educating, donating and making a difference in other people’s lives).
  • Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be GREAT.
  • Parents go from “Managers” to “Consultants” as their kids become Tweens. (My family counselor tells me this all the time, but why is it so damn hard to stop “managing”?)
  • Whenever you feel you need to shift, when you do shift, EVERYTHING will change.
  • Gratitude changes your energy field.  Be grateful for everything you have.  When you don’t know what you are grateful for – take in a breath of air : )
  • Intention –> Action –> Reaction.  When you BELIEVE, your beliefs are the lenses you see in the world.  You are co-creating your life.
  • Everything that happens to you grows you to who you are meant to be.

And my personal favourite:

  • Life gives you Whispers, and the Whispers are ALWAYS RIGHT. Pay attention to the Whispers.  Because if you don’t, life will give you a lesson.  When you still don’t listen, life will give you a brick, a crisis and then a complete Tsunami Disaster.  These are the “Hmm… that’s odd” moments.  LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS.

After discussing this enchanted evening with my 3 sisters and some friends who attended the event with me, it was agreed that we all had an amazing time. Some of us received affirmation from Oprah of what we believe to be true of ourselves, and all of us received some life-changing tips that we will apply to make a difference to our life and to the lives of others.

–          By Teresa Leung

My recommendation.  Print out my Oprah highlights and place it somewhere prominent like the wall in front of your work desk.  This will remind you every day that YOU MATTER, and your daily choices will ultimately determine your life’s destiny.  As Lady O said, “Not everyone can be famous, but EVERYONE can be GREAT!”  The only difference between you and Oprah is more people know her name… and maybe a few billion bucks.

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